Thursday, April 22, 2010

Red State Prattles on about Rick Perry

Dear Red State,

During your pathetic prattling on about Rick Perry "saying the right things" did it ever occur to you that saying the right things does not mean he is doing the right things?

Sure we may have no individual income tax but the state taxes on business was made far more complicated and applied more broadly under Rick Perry. As we know businesses will simply pass on the taxes and the cost of compliance on to their customers.

Rick Perry also pushed for the Trans Texas Corridor against the wishes of the people of the state. This was a white elephant "infrastructure" boondoggle that was suppose to be the NAFTA superhighway linking Canada, the US and Mexico.

Rick Perry also attempted to force every girl child in the state to take the Guardasil vaccine. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease and he wanted to mandate that all girls at around 12 recieve the shot. So I suppose Rick Perry is very libertarian on the age of consent for little girls or something.

Parents were outraged and the state legislature undid the order from the Governor.

Rick Perry is a very slick politician who can talk conservative but has he governed as a conservative? The people of Texas would tell you he is a moderate at best and a RINO at the worst of times.

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