Thursday, April 15, 2010

More taxes?

Obama promised not to raise taxes on the middle class. He did, of course, with ObamaCare to the tune of billions. Now they are talking about passing another gasoline tax, 15 cents a gallon. This would be added to the 18+ cents a gallon that the federal government already collects from each gallon.

That is right, it would nearly double the federal gasoline tax.

Who raises taxes during a recession? What idiot, what numbskull, what freaking moron would even consider raising taxes during a recession?

Democrats and Lindsay Graham of course.

It gets worse. They are now talking about a VAT. A Value-Added Tax, the most insidious prosperity killing tax ever concieved in the mind of Dr. Evil! The League of Evil was even stunned by how terrible this tax is.

You can say goodbye to Dollar stores, no more 99 cent stores, no more impulse buys, no more going out and splurging with a few bucks. By the way a 10% VAT does not mean the price is 10% higher, it depends on how many stages of production there were. That is 10% added on at every stage.

This is an economy killer. Ask Europe, their economy has been moribund for decades.

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