Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Reports...

Obama has a daughter named Maya? Does Michelle know about this?

Andrew Breitbart apparently has some new tapes with dirt on a new target, with the initials NEA. Apparently there have been conference calls where NEA officials have encouraged those recieving grants to create art that supports the goals of Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama on one of the news shows today denied that mandatory purchase of health insurance is not a tax. Even the liberal George Stephanopopopopolis called him on it but the President insists the dictionary definition is "stretching". Crazy.

Our President might be insane.

More ACORN tapes are on the way. The criminal organization operates 3 schools in NYC that are funded by the taxpayers. How crazy is that? This organization has gotten contracts to manage public housing in some cities and have been accused of strong arm tactics against the residents in attempts to force them to join ACORN ($120 a yr) and they have been accused of evicting those who did not.

Does your city/county cooperate with ACORN? Many mayors are listed as "friends of ACORN". Including Herbert Gears, mayor of Irving TX.

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