Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Right comes to Life

Liberal media and the leftist nutroots are already downplaying the size and meaning of the 9/12 march on DC. Estimates range from 250,000 to 2 million, depending on where you look.

Even though the "mainstream" media will make it a one-day story, predictably, this will be felt for many moons.

The American people are starting to wake up to the mechanations of the radical left in this country. They are starting to understand the kind of people who have taken power under the false flags of "Centrist" and "Moderate". These people want to remake this country into a lawless tyranny, its plain as day. A country where government siezes private corporations at a whim and spends trillions of dollars it does not have.

If you are a poor person what is happening in this nation should scare you half to death. The poor will get poorer. Health-care rationing will be followed by food rationing and energy rationing. They will try to control every aspect of your lives. If you think the poor are better off in Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela than they are here, you are sadly mistaken. Reality has a way of biting back against these Utopian schemes.

This should also be a wake up call to the far left that the right is awakened, empowered, united and the right is far from dead.


  1. Don't know if the crowd was 2 million, but it ws a Hell of a lot larger than anything seen since the Anti War protests of the late 1960s.

  2. I think I will go with the 1 million figure, give or take. It was definitely big. The meaning of it was big, what it portends is huge.

    The people are starting to see more clearly what is going on here.