Thursday, September 24, 2009

No accidents

Does anyone else think terror arrests in New York City, Springfield Il, and Dallas Texas are linked despite the denials of the authorities and media? It would be hard to believe that these events were not linked. Someone posted something online that activated some terror cells. It is impossible to believe that 3 separate groups of Muslim men tried to carry out attacks or plan them so closely together.

Something is up. There is a reason the national terror alerts went out about the stadiums and other public venues. Footbal stadiums are a juicy target but getting inside with a big bomb would likely be tough enough to get you a new target.

A mall? A hospital? Make a statement by blowing up a big box retailer?

Who knows whats really going on behind the scenes. From what I have seen the authorities do not know how many other plots are still ongoing.

Maybe we should tighten immigration for one? But Obama is going to cut the Patrol at the southern border by 384. Maybe we should scrutinize those who come here just a little? But Obama is still bent towards amnesty.

They have been picking up Chinese Muslims crossing into the US from Mexico. How many are getting through without any trouble?

National Security means nothing with wide open borders.

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