Wednesday, September 9, 2009

NY Times: Thomas Friedman wants China-style autocracy

Thomas Friedman has finally spelled out the true goal of the Obama revolution and its not pretty.

One-party autocracy.

Imagine Obama as President for life.

Imagine living under Chinese-style repression and control.

Thomas Friedman dreams of it. He would be one of those "enlightened" few of course, at least in his dreams.

Well its nice of the paper to allow someone to come out and admit what they really want.


  1. I <3 Thomas Friedman. That kid is smart crackers.
    I took away a different message from that article than you (not surprising!).
    It seems to me that Mr. Friedman (a three time Pulitzer prize winner) is merely pointing out that at present, nothing really seems to get done in American politics, now at a time when getting stuff done is not only critical for America, but for the world at large. He's saying that unless Americans start showing a little more unity and a little less grandstanding, China is going to own the universe.
    The guy is phenomenally educated, a brilliant thinker, and a man who sees things on a global level.
    It is also worth pointing out that he works for the NY Times, not the Obama administration. So even if he had come out and said... what you claim he said, it still wouldn't reflect the administrations policy.

  2. Yes, he works for a failing industry that tells people what happened yesterday or a few days ago. If it fits their worldview to mention it at all. Yes he recieved prizes from a leftist organization, whippee.

    The man, like most leftists, reveres power. The man reveres dictators and gets crushes on them.

    It would be oh so much easier to get things done if we could just send some tanks to crush those protesters.

  3. He also writes books :)
    What would make it easier to get things done isn't tanks but if people could get off the whole Right/Left mindset. It's poisonous, it's destructive and it's counter-productive.
    Just because something is "right" doesn't make it right. Just because something is "left" doesn't make it wrong (the reverse is also true).
    I feel like if the Democratic Party were to come out tomorrow and declare the earth as round, you'd be swearing up and down that it was flat (coincidentally, Thomas Friedman has a book out called "The World is Flat").
    But I mean, seriously. Take a step back, check your emotions for a second and try talking some sense. He reveres power? Like most leftists? He reveres dictators? He gets crushes on them? Can you back any of this up with actual fact?
    I genuinely want to have intelligent debate with you, but you need to show some sign of intelligence first. Instead all I see is a sort of diet hate speech; buzz words and catch phrases that -to me- appear to have no substance whatsoever. But again, maybe I'm wrong. I'm certainly not educated like Mr. Friedman and, presumably, yourself.

  4. Days after the Hitler-Stalin Pact was signed and Germany invaded Poland American movie studios announced a ban on "anti-Nazi" films.

    Today we have had decades of outright worship and reverence for Fidel Castro and now for Hugo Chavez. Oliver Stone and Danny Glover make movies extolling their virtues while ignoring their heinous repression.

    This is not an isolated thing. It is that the far left agrees with these dictators. The American media is not interested in reporting anti-Chavez protests in dozens of countries because it does not fit their worldview.

    By the way, if the Democrat Party announced they thought the world was really round I would be amazed they got something right.

  5. Again, it's impossible to make things any better when you've got partisan blinders on. You completely missed the point - again.
    Castro's awesome, btw; you have to give the guy some credit for surviving dozens of assassination attempts :)
    Chavez I am know next-to-nothing about, except that his name gets tossed about as though it were profanity.
    Does this mean you're not a Che fan?
    This has been really fun and everything, but it's time for me to go to bed now. Shall we continue tomorrow?