Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another government money-grab

Dear Leader will be pleased that his minions in both parties has approved of transferring the $100 billion student loan industry to the government. It is yet another government take-over and this time Republicans voted nearly unanimously in favor of the bill.

Thanks guys.

Of course they will say they were voting for the amendment that would "de-fund ACORN". As if that could excuse the inexcusable. The GOP knows that the Democrats will likely strip that provision in Conference. Even if they do not, how can they explain voting in favor of a government takeover?

ACORN is already on the ropes. Two young people with a video camera, their own piggy banks and a bad wardrobe is hurting them more than the gutless Republican Party and the socialist media ever have. Introducing the amendment is more of a "me too" moment for the GOP leaders seeking relevance than anything serious.

It could very well be that in the end ACORN will still get government funds while another industry is taken over by the federal power-mongers. It's not like we can trust the GOP any more than we can the Democrats.

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