Friday, September 11, 2009

Van Jones/ Radical Obama promotes servitude

Front Page Magazine's David Horowitz explains really well how the appointment of Van Jones to the Obama Czar post is very telling. It's very telling about Obama that he would choose this man. It is part and parcel of why Barack Hussein Obama is a radical who hates this country. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers were not accidents, he is and always has been an extreme radical and remains one today.

Does anyone think this isn't all on purpose? Of course it is. We have a man in the White House who is part of the most extremist faction ever. They are radical socialists who want to destroy this country and build it up in the image of a Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Maoist China.

Did you think the Newsweek cover "We are all socialists now" was a fluke? Did you think Thomas Friedman was alone in dreaming of a governing one-party autocracy? Do you think Van Jones is alone with his crazy views in this administration? Of course not.

This administration has declared today a "National Day of Service". 9/11/2001 is going to be wiped away over the next few years and replaced with as scheme to promote service to the almighty state, the government. Servitude actually, since its not going to be as voluntary as some might expect.

A day for our country to be reminded that Islamists around the world remain dedicated to our destruction. A day to be reminded that many of them are right in our midst. A day for the people to honor their soldiers and the fight against the Islamist jihadi's being morphed into a day to promote servitude to the state should gall and outrage people.

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  1. How fortunate we are that we have people like you to lay in front of the bulldozers.
    No work will be done! No progress will be made!
    Bill Ayers! Socialism! Hussein! Hussein! Rabblerabblerabblerabble!
    Keep up the good work.