Saturday, September 5, 2009

Van Jones resigns, MSM might mention it

The vast majority of the "mainstream media" never even mentioned the controversy surrounding Van Jones, the "Green Jobs Czar". Now that he has resigned they will have to come up with a storyline. If they go for the "Offended Republicans" route it won't be true but they need something I guess.

Imagine that you get your news from the New York Times or from ABC, NBC or CBS. You wouldn't even know there was a controversy. So protective are the MSM of this administration that someone who has been so radical and extreme as Van Jones gets no media scrutiny.

No doubt the MSM will blame his resignation on the "right" and twist the whole thing into something that bears no resemblance to reality. Now that they are forced, by his resignation, to mention the story they will likely make something up.

The man has no business being anywhere near the seat of power.


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