Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama speaks at the Legion of Doom

Ever since President Barack Obama showed his evil side by throwing his lot in with Hamas over Israel and Zelaya over the people of Honduras, the Legion of Doom has come to appreciate him.

They were not certain at first whether any American President would be a worthy addition to their ranks. Sure they invite them to give big lofty speeches but there was never any love there until now. Now the General Assembly of the United Nations has indeed found its tool, I mean friend, in the White House.

You could see the leader of Iran turn to Lex Luthor and reading his lips he asked "Can you believe he really believes this crap?"

Luthor for his part was slowley shaking his head "I have never seen anyone fall for their own rhetoric as much as this guy, he is in love with himself".

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia leans forward and says "aren't we all?".

As Barack Obama stammered on about nations sharing a destiny and no nation should ever attack another nation, interrupted only when the Palestinian representative fell out of his chair laughing at this. He was helped back to his seat by his good friend Skeletor.

"Just like home" said Bizarro Superman, his homeworld being a bizarre backward society.

In all the Legion of Doom was very polite to Barack Obama as one would be to an idiot child at his first alphabet recital. For their part the members of the Legion now understand that the United States is led by a man without principles and without any real convictions. His first instincts is to compromise with evil and to make friendly with dictators.

The tyrants of the world now know that America can be bullied and pushed around.


  1. Weak, Weak, man this Obama is...but he is pushing his agenda into the minds of America's Youth.

  2. He certainly is and the media and teachers unions are just too happy to help.