Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Media Bias? Of course

Congressman Charlie Rangel runs the House Ways & Means Committee, making him the top writer of tax law in America. You would think the idea that the top tax law writer in the US hiding and lying about his assets to avoid paying taxes would be a major news story right? You would think this is the biggest and juiciest scandal since the House Bank Fiasco wouldn't you?

The media has decided its not nearly as important as a college thesis that was written 20 years ago. Imagine that.

Google News turned up around 92 articles that mention the Rangel tax scandal even in passing. While the non-scandal of Virginia Gov Candidate McDonnel returns 398 articles.
And those are from real media outlets not just the smaller websites and niche media that are talking about Rangel.

We all know the media is biased but you would think they would cover such rank and gross hypocrisy more than a nothing story like the thesis.

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