Monday, September 7, 2009

Barack Obama has lost his marbles

Maybe Barack Obama is the one with "selective amnesia" when he tries to intimate things were worse 7 months ago. The unemployment rate was around 7% back then, Obama had promised it would never pass 8.5% and today it is very close to 10% "officially". The official numbers do not count those whose benefits have run out or those who have stopped looking for a job.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden can pretend everything is better now than it was 7 months ago, but that doesn't mean anything. The Congressional Budget Office has already said another 2.3 million will be unemployed by this time next year.

Next year I guess Obama will be talking about the "rosy economy" as bread lines spill behind the block and warehouses are turned into homeless shelters. I guess if half the jobs vanished today he would proclaim it the best economy in 50 years.

I seriously think the people running this administration have lost all their marbles.

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