Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"It wasn't rape-rape" - oh yes it was!

Hollywood has come out to the defense and veneration of the child rapist Roman Polanski, not a shock, we could see that lunacy coming 2 miles away. Did you know Whoopi Goldberg, who says what Polanski did wasn't that bad, is a "child advocate"?

According to the new Toys R Us circular she is. She appears on the cover of their circular with a Downs syndrome child. You know that 90% of pre-born babies diagnosed, rightly or wrongly, with that syndrome get aborted? Whoopi is also an abortion advocate, so Toys R Us has thrown us a double whammy!

Lets take a picture with a little girl who has Downs Syndrome, a girl Whoopi probably thinks should never have been born. Of course now that she's born lets not let Whoopi decide who she can be alone with, since she thinks Roman Polanski was the victim in his case.
So if you feel this is a disgrace let the Toys R Us company know how you feel with a phone call or a letter or a protest picket. Its the least we can do.

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