Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN is a symptom of the problem

ACORN is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Not only will they "hook you up" in your new underage brothel business but they'll help you claim your sex slave as dependants. ACORN is also heavily involved in vote fraud in nearly every state in the country. They do taxes for a lot of people, I wonder how much they scam out of the taxpayers with that? They have hundreds of front groups doing all kinds of things.

They also recieve tax dollars. Nice huh?

Free money (other people's) has a way of creating corruption. Today we have a vast system of corruption from coast to coast. Politicians who add on pork barrel projects into appropriation bills, introduce laws and statutes as favors to friends and business partners and campaign contributors.

Some of this is technically legal but its still corruption.

Why is it that Charlie Rangel finds support and protection from House Democrats? Why has the FBI and IRS not charged him with felonies by now? Not even censure from the House for tax fraud for the guy in charge of the committee that is writing tax law?

But they want to punish Joe Wilson for speaking truth to power. Truth is out, corruption is in.

This is the new culture. A culture of lawlessness has taken over the country, funded in part by George Soros. He has taken over the far left and has taken over the Democrat Party. The Party of Corruption who support corruption from the top to bottom.

What is the point?

Overthrowing society and the Constitution is the point. The radical left wants to remake this country into the image of China, Cuba or Venezuela.


  1. I think the ACORN guys simply sat down and got smart. All of the things they are doing...should have been problems that we fixed along the way.

    National ID cards would keep corruption out of false registrations or double-voting, but we don't want that.

    Manipulation of the grants program is a readily known fact....but we don't want to fix that.

    ACORN got smart....using what we gave them. And frankly, I don't think we want to fix any of these issues. So ACORN will be around for a long while.

  2. You forgot to mention that Obama is Hitler.
    You mustn't forget to mention that; people will forget otherwise.