Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hey Hey Ho Ho how many troops did Obama kill today?

The report that our soldiers are now dying because of new rules of engagement is denying them artillery and air support is disturbing. The idea of soldiers being pinned down and being denied air support and artillery because the enemy is hiding amongst civilians is crazy.

Those kinds of rules will guarantee that the enemy does just that. The Taliban will invade civilian homes and fight from heavily populated areas because they will be able to attack our troops with near impunity.

What kind of Commander-in-Chief do we have? Apparently he is either blisteringly stupid, willfully ignorant or he is not on the side of our soldiers.

What else could it be? I find it hard to imagine that any real General in Afghanistan would not find a way to protect his men from these ridiculous new "Rules of Engagement". I have no doubt the orders came straight from the White House but President Obama will never accept blame for his own actions.

They will say the rules are designed to "protect the civilian population" when in reality it endangers them more. These rules will guarantee that the enemy will fight from civilian homes, Mosques and heavily populated areas. No "warrior" is stupid enough not to take advantage of the enemies stupidity.


  1. Amazing isn't it: In the minds of the lap dog press and the lemmings that worship Obummer..."BO war is Good, GW war was Bad"

  2. Yep. Especially when we hamstring our troops with idiotic rules of engagement that guarantees more of what they say its designed to prevent.

    Then again its all backwards nowadays