Monday, August 31, 2009

What? No way!

I have the feeling that the Barackulus regime intends on bankrupting this country as fast it can. I am not sure what the point would be. Something radical leftist I am sure. A one-party state seems to be his hearts desire but there is something else.

In a place like Cuba there is 1% of the population that is wealthy and powerful and around 10% that work for them and around 90% are impoverished. Is this one of the things they want for America?

Will we default on the debt or will we just hyper-inflate the currency to get out of it? Either way this country is in deep crap.

Now we know that next year more than 40% of government spending will be debt. Have they not been paying attention? Bad debt is what caused the recession in the first place.

Now that they are cutting Social Security and Medicare faces cutbacks, coupled with the rationing planned under ObamaCare, you would think the AARP might possibly oppose Barackulus? Nope, they're running pro-ObamaCare ads same as Big Pharma and the unions.

Interesting these are ads that the Admin wants to ban, at least if they opposed him. Anybody paid attention to the arguement in the case of CitizensUnited vs FEC??

One-Party, 3rd world hell hole here we come!!

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