Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Co-ops that are not co-ops

Co-operative ventures have been around forever. Maybe you and some friends once set up a lemonade stand together or maybe even a multi-family garage sale? Those are co-operatives. Owned by the members, directed by the members, with profits or products divided by the members.

There are members in Congress who are discussing the idea of setting up "Medical C-Ops" that would be given several billion dollars in start-up funds and run by a panel appointed by the President. Actually this would not be a "co-op" by any stretched of the definition. It is simply another ploy to get this country moving towards a government-run healthcare system.

Notice the Democrat Party does not come out and be honest that they want a government monopoly healthcare system. They know that if they admitted this was the goal that they would fail. They have to pretend that it is a "choice" and that it will "compete" with insurance companies. They have to pretend that you can keep your insurance if you want to. They have to pretend that it won't cover illegal aliens and that they won't tell grandma that "maybe its better if we just don't get those surgeries or those expensive medicines, maybe we shouldn't burden others".

After all, this is already a policy for the Veterans Administration, it was created by the Clinton administration, canceled by Bush and now revived by the Obama Admin. (see last post)

The Democrats cannot be honest because its against their political interests to be honest, they also find its against their nature to be honest.

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