Thursday, August 20, 2009

Letting the Useless Eaters Die; God's plan?

We know its coming. The Democrats know its coming. I think even those who believe Obama know that he lying. I think the media knows their reports are hogwash. They just know they cannot say it. They cannot tell people the truth, even though the people probably already know it inside the news media and Obama and the Democrats are giving them cover to deny it.

They want to let old people die. The thing with the VA is no accident. Appointing Rahm Emmanuel's brother who believes in the "complete lives program" and who has written for letting the old and chronically ill die and who has written against the hippocratic oath. This is no accident that Obama appointed him to that position.

The leftwing news media might call it a "myth" but I think even they know its true. The only way we can cover 40 million more people and cut healthcare spending by 30% is to LET THE OLD and SICK die. That is correct, it is the ONLY way.

It does not matter what kind of healthcare system is written in the law that gets passed, the bureaucrats are going to enact this idea. Its already happening in Oregon where oldsters can be denied expensive medicine by the state-run system but offered suicide pills instead.

When Obama talks about how much less money they spend in other countries, he doesn't tell you how they spend less money. They spend less by deciding to let the oldsters and those with incurable problems die. Simply die.

Everyone knows this is the plan. Its called Rationing and the Presidents Advisor on Health Care, that would be Doc Emmanuel, says healthcare needs to focus on those between 15-40 years of age. Note that its not 15 months that is in fact 15 years.

Those under 15 will come later if the dead old people doesn't save enough money. Then those who smoke, then those who eat too much.

Now Obama says he has partnered with God on matters of life and death and all of us who oppose government rationing are sinners. How dare we stand in front and oppose him & God! This unchurched President, the most anti-Israel President we might have ever had, who spent 20 years as a member of a Hate Church in Chicago, is now going to lecture us about what God wants??

This is not the Audacity of Hope, its the Audacity of Death.


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