Thursday, August 13, 2009


You are not supposed to be able to disagree with our President.

It makes you a racist. The word "socialist" is now the new N-Word despite Newsweek saying we're all socialists now. You who oppose Obama are nuts, crazy, disruptive, racist and every other name in the book. You are un-American, you are "evil-mongers" for wanting to ask questions of your elected overlords.

In response the members of Congress are keeping dissent out of their Town Hall meetings in various ways, bussing in their own orchestrated and in many cases paid supporters to fill up the seats earl.y. At least one dissident was beaten by SEIU thugs.

Of course it is the dissidents who are said to be uncivil. The dissidents are full of "anger" and "rage" and the media says "because Obama is black" and things like it.

Pretty amazing trick isn't it?

You can demonize your opponent and blame him for taking the debate to a lower level at the same time, with the media fully on your side.

MSNBC Personality Ed Schultz saying today about conservatives who oppose ObamaCare that they are "psycho" who he thinks "want Obama to get shot."

But your the ones being mean and nasty, not them. How dare you be upset when they question your patriotism! Their definition of patriotism being loyalty to the One.

What debate? The whole point is that the left has no plans to allow a debate. The Town Halls are the only way for regular people to vent their frustrations at the crazy things going on in government. These are also optional, Congresscritters don't have to hold them. They try to deny the accusations of whats in the bill when they admit they have not read it, but their critics have.

Don't expect the media to offer any kind of balance.

UPDATE: The third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives on Thursday compared the disruptive protesters at recent health care town halls to people who unleashed dogs and spat on civil rights demonstrators during the 1960s.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Rep. James Clyburn, (D-S.C.), said that there was "absolutely" an analogy to be drawn between the horrid experience that he went through as a civil rights leader and the boisterous conservatives who have disrupted health care forums...

But remember they are the nice ones. LOL.

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