Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted is Dead, begins sulphur train ride to hell

The Tedster is a dead, sir.

At 77 years old Senator Ted "Splash" Kennedy lived far too long and did far too much damage to this country. His reign of horror may never be erased in fifty generations, assuming we start in 2011. This self-righteous buffoon has gorged at the trough of the taxpayers, lived in the luxury of the elite while pretending to be one with the common man that he loathed so.

The eternal soak in the fire pits of hell are never going to be hot enough to torture a soul that is beyond humanity, humility and fidelity. The mans life was a betrayal of the species, the country, the truth and even, bizarrely, his own cultic followers. Why does it seem that the "leaders" of the "working man" always have yachts and private jets?

This country is better off without his massive ego weighing it down, like a stone around the throat of a kitten thrown into a river. Not something Ted was a stranger to.

There is no possible put-down, joke or name-calling that this inhuman mass did not deserve. There is no possible redemption from the fiery pits for one so sure of his own pomposity as this one. Lets make it clear, the nation has improved greatly from yesterday for now there is one less evil creep among us.

Now I will stop before I get mean.


  1. alaluja..........

  2. See the tombstone for ted


  3. Think I'll toast the bastard's ride with a fine Cigar and a double Drambuie on the rocks at High Noon...

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