Friday, August 7, 2009

Leftwing tactics nothing new

White House spokesperson Gibbs calls for Town Hall attendees to be peaceful, others blamed the protesters on an "organized rightwing" movement. MSNBC hosts said it may be considered a theat to Obama and Pelosi doesn't like to be accused of being a Nazi.

Meanwhile the Democrats have begun to pack their Town Halls with union and ACORN thugs, some of whom have been violent. So far all of the violence has come from the pro-Obama side of the spectrum, despite the media coverage.

Now we have a White House asking its supporters report those opposed to ObamaCare, even from a casual conversation. The President who wants to link every person to an IP address and a real address, "vee know vere you live".

All of this from the most fascist administration in history. Its the same tactics they have always used. You can find articles from the 30's where they have accused the other side of wanting to bring down the nation over hate for Roosevelt and then calling for tolerance after people walk out on them as if they were the aggrieved party.

Its typical.

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