Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The ol kowtow

The United States has sent a former President to bestow legitimacy to the erratic dictator of North Korea. This will, of course, give the despotic nation bragging rights and a cudgel to hold over our heads. Why would America send a former President to a country in the "axis of evil?", does this mean the US does NOT consider them part of the Axis?

The Norks are already claiming a huge propaganda victory while the White House is saying the kwtow is purely a "personal visit". There is, in fact, no such thing as an actual "tourist" to the secretive cult-like nation. Everyone who visits is watched, tightly controlled and allowed no freedom. Their entire experience is choreographed for propaganda reasons.

A recent article described the execution of a woman for spreading out bible tracts. Her parents, husband and young children were sent to a concentration camp/prison. This sounds horrific, but it is common in N Korea. In fact the entire nation is a giant prison and Pyongyang is where they keep the 'trustees'.

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