Saturday, August 22, 2009

Toward the TOTUS State? The Nightmare of Obamaland.

During the campaign we were told that Barack Obama was post-partisan, we were told that he was post-racial and we were told he was a transformational figure. In other words the willfully ignorant leftwing media bought and fishwrapped all of the Obama Campaign tripe and resold it to the voters of this country. Meanwhile the opposition party nominated a doddering old fool who did little opposing and a lot of agreeing.

Little did the average American know, although conservative activists and freepers knew all too well, the administration would be nothing like the promises. From the very beginning the most "transparent" and "honest" administration in history began appointing tax cheats and radicals into the cabinet.

The next we knew the government was setting the stage for the takeover of the banking industry and then the auto industry. This is supposed to be a moderate Presidency? Then the President began appointing Czars for every possible project and area possible. Czars with vast power and no accountability to anyone but the President, not even Congress. We not only have no transparency, we don't really even know how many Czars there are.

Then we began finding out just how radical these people were. From John Holdren, who endorsed forced abortions and mass sterilizations to crazies like Van Jones. A racist woman is nominated for the Supreme Court, a lifetime position of unimaginable power for someone who believes the job is about her views and not the Constitution. And how about crazy with a Secretary of Energy who endorsed painting the roofs of every building white to cure global warming.


Then the proposals came out for Cap N Trade that would literally mean a limit to prosperity for this nation. All for the Global Warming Hoax for a world that has been cooling for a dozen years straight.

Card Check. So that you can be forced to join a union. They know where you live, they know where your kids go to school. Would be a shame if something happened to them, here sign the card. A thug legislation that would end the secret ballot in union elections. All they'd need is a signature on a card and they know how to make offers you can't refuse.

Health Care Deform. Because 15 million illegal aliens are getting expensive to take care of we need to lower the standard of care given to everyone else. We need a national board to decide what medicines and procedures you can and can not have. Healthcare would never be between you and your doctor again.

Imagine the State Health Board denying you hip replacement because your too old, but they'll pay for your assisted suicide, the same letter says. Imagine that your on dialysis and the government decides that since you don't work you will no longer get this expensive service. It'll cover abortion though.

Useless eaters, life not worth living. Bureaucrats deciding. After all even the Health Care Advisor to the President says that medical care needs to be reserved for those who need it most, those between 15-40.

Barack Obama cannot say it, the media refuses to name the truth and a lot of people will deny it to themselves. Reality is a bitter pill indeed for those who see themselves inheriting mom's house when she "goes to glory".

Abortion was "above his paygrade" in the primaries but now he is partnered with God himself. It is now not only racism to disagree with his policy but it is also blasphemy, thou sinners shall be smited.

So Americans began to see that their government has gone off the tracks, it seems to have gone bat-crap crazy. They turn out to protest to the derision of the Obama State Media. They are called everything from clowns, terrorists, un-American (by th Speaker of the House), evil-mongers (by the Senaste leader), they are attacked physically by the paid goons from the unions and Obama's own never-ending campaign Organizing for America. They know the media will report the opposite of the truth. The media will say the dissidents are paid off, they will say the dissidents are getting violent. The Democrats who called them Un-American and Evil-Mongers will call for "civility" from those who simply wish to instill some common sense in their elected masters.

The White House even asks his supporters to turn in people and websites who might have said something negative about healthcare reform, even in casual conversation. The ACLU is fine with this as they were when Bush was spying on terrorists, sorry for the sarcasm, the ACLU was only fine with having people turn in those regular citizens.

So as the ever-expanding apparatus of state power moves into ever-more crevices of our lives, garage sales and thrift stores inspected, radical "community groups" possibly going into homes to weigh people, fines for not having health insurance (illegals exempted), people are getting more and more concerned about living in the land of the total state. A land where getting to see your Congressperson in the flesh requires more paperwork and documentation than voting which requires none.

Opposition on television is met with organized boycotts, organized from the White House itself. Where the government appoints a "diversity" czar whose main stated mission in life is to get rid of opposition voices on the radio. A White House who once argued in the Supreme Court that it had the power to ban films, books and whatever that "might" have something political in it, even one sentence in a 500 page book. Who would determine whether this violated campaign finance law? The White House of course.

If the White House believes it has the power to ban a book because it touches on politics and might have "illegal" political influence, then what of website? blogs? This is also the administration that wants to link a name and a physical locastion to every IP address online, in short it wants to know what everyone on the internet is writing and doing. Why? Why do you think?

If you have read books by Ayn Rand, George Orwell and others you probably know that the object of gaining power is keeping power and gathering more. The United States today has the first post-moral, post-American President. he is supremely arrogant, he believes you are nothing but a number.

Meanwhile the 15% radical left in this country who make up his support base, they want him to move faster and farther to the left. The base of his support is coming from people who think Karl Marx was a good man, who think that Lenin just got a few minor details wrong, who think 9-11 was a good start.

I just hope we can still have something even close to free and fair elections.

I don't want to know what happens next...


  1. If you voted for mad bomber Bush and his gang of Neo-Con devils, don't complain about Obama. It's called the law of unintended consequences.

  2. Mad Bomber Bush? I didn't vote for Bush.

    How many of our troops have died since Obama has been President? Do you think it even crosses his mind? I think those troops shouldn't be there when the person giving the orders obviously has no idea or care about whats really going on.