Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Smirk and the Audacity of the Pejorative

MSNBC reported using a heavily edited video of a man legally carrying a gun several blocks from where the President was speaking to indicate the possibility of a dangerous racism infecting this country; the man was black.

Now CBS TV website reports that Barack Obama has appeared on a "conservative" radio talk show to support his health care initiative. With a headline like "Obama reaches out to conservatives over healthcare" and this being the first big appearance on "conservative" talk radio you'd think this would be a very big deal.

The problem is its not true. Just like the doctored video on MSNBC used to send a total lie of an impression, this report does the same. You see the show Barack Obama appeared on is not hosted by a conservative.

The report never mentions the hosts name, in true Soviet/Orwellian fashion, because that would cause laughter. In fact he appeared on the Michael Smerconish Show. Smerconish is not a conservative and he even voted for Barack Obama.

How is that for Orwellian?

Hey I know, lets take a TV show and put in a liberal in the token conservative spot. Ha, what a joke on the conservatives who will see their "person" support the liberal agenda and bash conservatives. I know we'll put Meghan McCain on The View!

They did, by the way.

Next thing you will know David Brookes will be the "conservative" columnist at the NY Times. Oh wait...

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