Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Misdirection, Distortion and %$#@! lies

They accused the dissenters of "disrupting" debate because the dissenters wanted there to be a debate on the government health proposal. There has been no real debate in this counhtry, simply the majority trying to push through a bill that nearly 60% of Americans do not want.

They accused the dissenters of being too loud and too vocal, when they are loud and vocal because they are being denied a voice. They accused the dissenters of being rude and inconsiderate while calling them names and invectives. They are scared and worried of what the government is doing and besides isn't dissent the highest form of patriotism?

They accused the dissenters of being violent while their thugs were the only ones being violent.
The White House set up an email hotline so supporters could report fishy stuff about health care even from "casual conversations". The media attacked the dissenters as an "organized paid-off" mob. Meanwhile paid activists from ACORN, SEIU, Organizing for America and other leftist groups were busing in ObamaCare supporters wearing the same shirts and carrying the same signs. Their ads for paid activists are easy to find.

The United States Speaker of the House then announced that this dissent from the grassroots was "un-American", will she bring back McCartyism too?

So you might wonder why people feel so voiceless and so ignored by the ruling elite in this country who can vote themselves hundreds of millions of your dollars for new executive jets to ferry them to their vacation resorts and across the nation to fundraisers.

What do the Democrats want these Town Halls to look like?

Like the one Obama had where only supporters got inside, where the crowd was made up of bussed in supporters and not a nary word of opposition. Where a child planted by an activist mother can say those people outside had "mean signs" and why were they against something that "is good for them". Good little shill for the state she is. Good little puppet. With a media that dutifully awes at the young girl, not caring she is a plant.

As a matter all of the forums put on by the President have been highly scripted stage shows, anyone ever heard Obama asked a tough question? Not since Joe the Plumber I guess.

We have gone from Newsweek declaring that we are all socialists now to socialism being akin to a racial smear by MSNBC! No, they are obviously wrong, being the mouthpiece of the state, socialism is theft and socialism is state slavery.

If Pelosi and her ilk want us to stop calling them Nazi's then they need to stop acting like it and they need to stop campaigning and assaulting their own citizens.

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