Saturday, August 8, 2009

Take a look, which country would you choose?

So, which of these other countries should we aspire to in the healthcare "discussion"?

Just imagine how much money this country could save if we simply let more people die without trying to keep them alive!

Ezekial Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel, has already decided that the most important people to give healthcare to is those between 15 and 40. There will be rationing under a government healthcare system, do not think there won't be.

Those over 65 will be the first to go if the account starts to run low on funds. You can take that to the bank, the government certainly will.

Imagine if cancer survival rates could be dropped to 50% like in Germany, sure another 16% of men will hav to be sent home to die without care but whats a little mass murder-by-neglect when we're talking about saving money for the government.

Why are you "astroturfers" being so greedy? Don't you know we have fifteen million illegals who need your money for their healthcare? What makes you think your citizenship status is important?

We have to do what is best for the "common good", we can't worry about your individual needs! If the common good says you gotta die, then so be it. What was that NAZI expression? "If you want omelettes you gotta break a few eggs?".

(* Chart from the UK Telegraph)

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