Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bureau of Ideological Purity Enforcement

Lanny Davis has come out and attacked dissenters at the various Town Halls being organized across the nation. You know, where people are supposedly invited to share their views with the elected elite. The dissenters are to be photographed investigated, this is apparently a dictat from the regime!

And remember the White House blog has already provided the handy email to turn in anyone who dissents on the so-called 'healthcare' bill. This is the Obama admin using Stalinist tactics in order to force their whims on the country.

The “shout downs” organized by the Republican right meet one of the classic definition of “fascist” tactics–defined as using shouting and disruption to deprive the civil and respectful debate of ideas. There is literally no defense to these tactics. I don’t criticize those who feel genuine anger or fear and show up to meetings to express those emotions. But I do call out the tactic of screaming and disrupting a meeting and the fact that this is a systematic tactic by thugs who want to prevent civil discourse, not promote it.

Let’s have the media name names, publish photographs, and do interviews of those responsible for approving, even organizing these techni[q]ues. And let’s find an investigative journalist - are there many left - to prove these so-called grassroots shouters are, or are not, being paid.

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