Tuesday, August 25, 2009

9/11 - Muslim Appreciation Day

Emperor Barackulus, partner of God himself, has decreed that the masses must bow down and serve him. September 11, formerly a day of remembrance to those murdered in an act of brutal satanic terrorism, will now be a day of National Service to the Reich.

Bow down you lowley serfs and worship the master TOTUS state! Begone the memories of the World Trade Center and the collapse of the twin towers. The government is your master. Never forget that.

Why Sept 11? Even if National State Servitude were a good thing, why did he choose Sept 11? How hateful and cynical and disrespectful does a person have to be to do this? Why not Sept 9 or Sept 14? They specifically chose 9-11 for a reason, probably a political one.

9-11 should be a Day of Remembrance, remember all those who were killed, remember how they were killed and the resolve to never let it happen again. How dismissive of terrorism on our own shores does the Emperor have to be to choose that date for teaching the subjects to worship and to serve the almighty state?

One might get the feeling he didn't care or that it does not serve his political interests for us to blame Muslims for 9-11.

We should make 9-11 into Muslim Appreciation Day. So that we can appreciate the destruction of terrorism, forcing women into burkhas, the jiyza tax on infidels, killings of jews and christians... as a matter of fact everything about Islam screams satanic.

We should not allow government to tell us to serve the state. We should commemorate Muslim Appreciation Day.

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