Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free speech liberals? guess not.

MSNBC hosts agreed that calling someone a "socialist" is like using the N-word? Is this like when we could not use Obamas' middle name during the campaign? Is this like saying dissent is now un-American?

Why is it that liberals always want to control the speech and thoughts of other people? They simply want to rewrite the rules to shut down the opposition because they know they cannot win an honest debate.

CNN apparently has banned guests who are talk radio show hosts. They want people who are smart and honest and fair like posters from Kos and the Hiffington Post. So much more mainstream than the fringe radical 57% who oppose ObamaCare. They might as well just come right out and ban any opposing voices and get it over with.

Opposing voices are "Un-American" after all and CNN wouldn't want to be reported to the White House Disinformation Office.

Those MSNBC hosts might want to think about what kind of idiocy they're bringing to the fore when they equate the word "socialist" with a racial slur. If for no other reason than Newsweek has already declared all of you liberals to be socialists.

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