Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's Headlines...

Let us look at these headlines, no links, I will not make life easy for you.

Obama Wants to Make America More Like Europe - London Times

(Morally and economically bankrupt and enslaved to the welfare slave mentality)

Barack Obama's Audacity of Hype Crumbles - The Daily Telegraph (UK)

(The Mayor of Gary Indiana is ape-poop crazy thinking some stimulus cash will save his city)

Taliban Hand Over Body of Beheaded Polish Man - The Daily Telegraph (UK)

(I guess its more of the 'Moderate Taliban' we were told about)

Israeli Security Thwarts Somalian Pirate Attempts on Italian ship - Arutz 7

(By the way p0irate attacks are way way up this year for some reason)

Students Fall Ill in NY and Swine Flu Is Likely Cause - NY PRAVDA TIMES

(We warned them against all that pork spending)

Geithner says crisis threatens work on poverty - AP-Yahoo

(Tax cheat says maybe we should tax charitable giving even more... just kidding)

and then with all of this terrible stuff in the news, what is Obama doing??

Obama gets in a round of golf on a sunny morning - AP-Google

Isn't that nice?

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