Monday, April 13, 2009

Edit that out of the history books

"Get me a rewrite! This is not good enough!" said the voice coming out of the computer. Starting over with a blank screen Harvey Dimple composed the new article in his head as he typed, which was how he got this job.

Dateline: Somalia. Headline: Heroic President leads victorious military campaign.

Body- Somali pirates likely dispatched by a local warlord captured the Captain of a merchant vessel and demanded a ransom for his release. The valiant military forces led by Hero President Obama rushed into action and secured the freedom of the ship captain by sending 3 pirates to the seafloor and capturing one alive with his bare hands.

There Harvey told himself. The 4 days of the worlds most powerful military being in a standoff with an unpowered rowboat were to no longer be a part of history. The White House Office of Truth and Information would send this out to the official media and it would be followed without question.

Soon everyone in the kingdom would forget what they saw as it happened live. They would forget the waiting and the yellow ribbons and the vigils as if they had never happened. They would no longer remember the President waving off questions about the seizure of the civilian vessel. They would no longer recall the Secretary of State having a bout of laughter when she was asked for a comment. No. From now on the President is the hero of the moment and he should be given single-handed credit for saving the ship captain from his captors.

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