Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Comfortable, Happy Slaves

Jackie Chan recently said he didn't know if freedom was a good idea for the Chinese people because if they had freedom they would just do what they wanted.

Like make movies?

Anyways this exemplifies the attitude we must strive to end, the attitude of the happy slaves.
Freedom is scary because we have to take care of ourselves and make our own decisions, much more comforting to let the mastah government do it for us.

Stockholm Syndrome?

Government is not our parent and we are not children, we should never allow the idea of needing someone to take care of all our needs come to fruition. It is very scary to think that the majority of people in the US (Obama's lovely illegals included) who do not pay income taxes. They have no reason to vote for smaller or less expensive government, its in their interest to give themselves as much of other peoples' stuff as possible because their stuff is safe.

If Obama gives illegal aliens citizenship, its probably all over for this country. Its bad enough he wants the power to suppress free speech and is federally funding his own brownshirts and wants ACORN running the Census.

The slaves are just getting starting.

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