Thursday, April 9, 2009

A DUmmie asks

What are they so threatened about!?

Liberals want this country to become a 3rd world hellhole. Obama argued at the Supreme Court for the power to ban books and films he thinks are too political with a 5 year jail sentenced tacked on. They want to shut down talk radio and give the power to shut down websites they do not like. The President is also claiming the power to nationalize entire industries, control the census and is giving billions in tax funds to his cronies in ACORN to steal elections, creating a domestic brown shirt army, banning guns and ammo, demonizing any and all opponents, kowtowing and bowing to Muslim terrorists while dissing our allies.......... and he is an economic moron who is spending trillions in fiat money trying to reinflate the credit bubble created by government and the Federal Reserve....

Gee, What exactly are conservatives so upset about?

.... I don't know I guess we thought wse lived in a free country and not Venezuela. Maybe thats it.

Socialists like Pol Pot, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Chaves, Castro asked the same thing while they were executing masses of people in their efforts to enslave countries,.... "why are they so hateful??" *bang*.... "Whats wrong with these people?" *bang*

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