Saturday, April 25, 2009

Say anything..

Barack H Obama has now sent a letter to Congressional leaders and made his weekly address on the topic of "fiscal discipline". Okay, when you are finished laughing and rolling on the floor dust yourself off and consider this for a moment. Does he think people are that stupid?

Apparently the Present-dent thinks the leftist media will be able to convince the sheeple, at least a bare majority of them that they are running a tight, efficient ship in DC. That the media will not mention the trillions in deficits he plans for his entire tenure in office and that under his budget plan we would triple the national debt in 10 years.

Barack Insane Obama knows the so-called Mainstream Media are in the tank for him and worship on their faces and kiss his toes. Obama knows that a lot of people will support him no matter what he does. Obama needs to just pretend about fiscal sanity in order to be given enormous credit for "caring" by the media.

Before the internet and talk radio the vast leftwing media would probably have gotten away with it too. Our so-called media is about as truthful and objective as PRAVDA and IZVESTIA were back in the USSR. They think their job is to support this president just as their job would be to destroy a President with an {R} next to his name.

I think we should all stop buying printed newspapers anyway, especially if its not the Washington Times. Otherwise your just getting rubbish. You can always use the free shoppers for birdcage lining.

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