Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lord of the Lies

Does anyone think Chrysler will get anything like a normal bankruptcy? Of course not, it will be guided and controlled by politicians for the benefit of the UAW. The UAW will end up owning the corporation and taxpayers will end up paying for this. The taxpayers will end up paying Chrysler UAW welfare for at least the next 4 years.

Remember in ATLAS SHRUGS the story of the motor company where they decided to act as a commune? Everything collapsed and it became dog-eat-dog? Like maybe the Lord of the Flies? I think that is the future of Chrysler.

A report says British airline BMI has deleted Israel from its electronic maps in order to placate the Muslim population. Notice no-one ever wants to placate Christians or jews? I guess its because Christians and jews don't go around killing people and blowing things up.


Fort Worth has shut down for more than a week over the "Swine Flu", does anyone else think this thing has been way overhyped?

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