Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Business on the dole

You will find that many large corporations are now enjoying the notion of getting something for nothing. Corporate welfare, funded by you, without having to produce products or sell them or caring about customer satisfaction. As long as "their man" in Washington has "pull" then who cares about that old marketplace?

When money comes from Washington instead of customers then Corporations will no longer care what customers think, only the bigwigs in DC will matter to them. A trillion here and a trillion there, what does it matter? Its only going to hurt regular normal people ... and nobody but nobody in the ivory towers would ever deign to care about them.

Senator Jim DeMint wrote that every member of Congress who voted with the US Chamber of Commerce 70% of the time were given the "Spirit of Enterprise" award, except 4 Republicans. Those members happen to be the ones who voted against the bailouts and the "stimulus" bill, and who are the most conservative members of the Senate.

The big business crowd is not supportive of the "far right" in the least, lets throw away those tired rhetorical attacks and go with the flow. The Democrats can now proudly proclaim to be the party of Wall Street and the super-wealthy.

Because as long as the Democrats and liberal Republicans are willing to give your money to big business, they are indeed the party of the rich and of big business.

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