Saturday, July 11, 2009

"It's working as it was intended" - stimulus

Don't worry about the economy, really. That is the basic message from Barack Obama lately who warns you not to listen to those critics like Vice President Biden and the people Obama chose to lead the economic recovery team. Those people are just playing political gotcha I guess?

Unemployment is up and looks to keep rising. But do not worry your peasant heads over this troubling face because the trillion dollar stimulus plan has saved a few dozen part time and seasonal jobs! Recovery is on the way! Sometime. Maybe next year or the year after that.

Its really going to take off when those higher taxes and higher prices for energy, labor and just about everything else kick in. Higher costs and taxes have always been such a boon for economic growth, don't ya know.

Why I was reading some leftist on DU lament that a family members bakery-coffee shop was shutting down for good, can't they hold on a bit longer and let stimulus save those 7 employee jobs? All they need is to pay those employees more and to pay more in taxes and their financial problems will be over!

Using their own terms over at the DU... Those layoffs are the result of corporate greed and we need higher taxes and heavy handed regulations to make sure this happens to everyone. Oops, I guess I just cannot trick my brain into thinking like a leftist.


Obama suggests sanctions on Iran?

Be careful Mr. President... we wouldn't want you to express an opinion on government brutality and tyranny against its own citizens. That might be "meddling" and we only do that when a leftist leader is impeached in Central America or something. Then we can put sanctions and meddle in a kneejerk fashion and take the sides of the commies. yay.

Might be a little sarcasm in there somewhere.

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