Thursday, July 16, 2009

I hope Republicans are paying attention

This is why we could be living in a Shariah nation someday. Politicians like Jon Kyl, John Cornyn and Lindsay Graham are too scared... frightened to mention La Raza (The Race) of which Sotomayor is a member. It is the hispanic KKK, a race-based, hispanic superiority organization.

The fact is these people do not deserve to be in office. These people are scared to utter the truth for fear of offending someone. These are you guardians? These are the people we want in office fighting for our 'interests'?

These gutless wonders should be mopping floors at McDonalds or greeting customers at Wal-Mart, I hope thats too intellectually taxing for Graham. He doesn't seem to have any cognition faculties left to his use. They are cowards.

If they will not stand up and speak the truth about Sonia Sotomayor, then why are they there?

For what purpose do they breathe the air and collect pay checks that the taxpayers were robbed to give them? They do not. They should all resign in shame and disgust.

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