Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hoax'n'haggle failure-Health Deform

It is interesting that the failure of the Copenhagen stuck-up morphed into a seeming victory for the far-left over the HealthCare Deform Bill. Incredibly that has morphed again into a bill that neither the right, left or middle are happy about.

Not only does it not contain a public option, which is its eventual goal, but the healthcare mandate will force many to buy insurance who had been planning to get free government healthcare.

Then there is the fact that the bill will force every single one of us to pay a monthly fee to fund abortions. That is a non-starter for a lot of people, possibly even a majority of the House of Representatives.

Despite that the Conference seems to be breaking down over the special deal given to Nebraska, and lesser deals included for Nevada and Lousiana. This could very well drag on a couple of months. Now we hear that Obama is again going to focus on "jobs and the economy" in his State of the Union! Apparently they don't think healthcare might be done by then.

They did such a great job last time. /sarcasm

Forget the GDP numbers, which are ever being revised downward, without including government spending the GDP would have been down in the 3rd quarter. We are in a deep recession. 2009 was worse than 2008 and some say the affects of the housing bubble have not wholly been felt. Oh and I saw a story that said in 2008 California lost 47,000 employers.

California is about a million jobs down right now in the last couple of years. They are asking for the federal government to bail them out or they will start cutting welfare. Welfare. Why not all those bureaucrats? Gay libraries? Ethnic community centers? blah blah blah.

The whole country is going the way of California. I wonder if we have to go through Venezuela and Zimbabwe as we become North Korea?

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  1. Good to see you back up and running...hope for all the best in 2010!